Thursday, April 8, 2010

blame it on

sometimes things doesn't goes right 
what i've expected

currently having 3 weeks of holiday, finished my midterm last week, YAY or not?? had a blast at belinda's BBQ party last saturday, played some drinking games and bbq stuffs and i ate quite a lot of sausages, heh heh, and watched Manu lost to chelsea with hilda and kenyee and they shouted so loud when ManU goal the one and only goal, bt too bad they are still short of one, haha!!! nasib baik the neighbour never come out from their house and said 'KEEP QUIET"!! LOLX!! went home around 12am and my parents are asleep when i got home, if not they will be nagging for the whole night. earlier that morning, went petaling street with hilda to  get ourselves each a jersey, for her, of course ManU la, as for me of course Arsenal, haha!! just to wear it on that night. we parked our car at Universiti LRT station, then from there to Pasar Seni LRT station, and then we discovered ourselves the way to Petaling Street by just following the crowd, thx to my good sense of direction, (perasan me, haahah!!!) nola, act..just guessing the way, heh heh! and you know what, the whether was so so so HOT!! so we spent not much time there, furthermore there's not much thing to see, as soon as we get what we wanted, we left..went home to take a shower and helped out belinda to get some BBQ stuff at tesco later.

suppose to go for one day  Melaka trip on Tuesday, but due to some probs, we cant make it at the end, my apologies guys!=( so i guess i'll be locked in the house for the whole 3 weeks with four sided walls.. :(

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