Saturday, June 19, 2010

reporting Day 1 @ Bali

just got back from the land of Bali yesterday, landed on Malaysia at around 12.10am. spended 4 days 3 nights there and it was a blast, so im not gonna write more on this cause i know its gonna be one hell of a long post if i write, so just let the pictures describe all the highlights @ Bali. I only stay at one hotel throughout this trip, i prefer like that rather than changing hotel every single day, the only thing is that we have to wake up very early in the morning to get to one place.

so lets start the journey, shall we?

Day 1
arrival time @ Bali :12.45pm Indonesia time..lunch, check in Harris Hotel, Riverview @ Kuta,  Uluwatu (famous with their perching temple on the edge of the cliff with Monkeys!)..Seafood Dinner @ Jimabaran


Had brunch @ old town LCCT before departure
camwhoring while waiting for departure =)

look at the clouds, so fluffy

the symbol of Bali @ Ngurah Rai International Airport

Had lunch after departure...

cincau soya & their local tea ( flower smell, taste sweet )

local food

flying fish, it's really very crispy

Check in @ Harris Hotel, Riverview,Kuta Bali

Jalan Raya Kuta 62A,
Badung Bali, Indonesia.
tel: +62 361 761 007
fax: +62 361 761 006

 DINO, the hotel mascot

welcome drink :D

this is where i online everyday in Bali

my room

on our way to Uluwatu sunset where a holy temple located at the southern part of Bali wih its significant view to the Indian Ocean.
on our way to Uluwatu temple

entrance to Uluwatu Temple & beware the monkeys are all "well-trained"

walking path to the temple and we have to wear sarung to cover up over knee

incase you dont know, not only this temple, every temple in Bali we have to wear sarung, this is their custom

the Balinese

asking for food, see i told you really "well-trained"

                                      breast feeding                                        as for this, you know la, haha!

the temple's kitchen

you can even find sea coral on the top of the cliff, amazing huh?

this long long leaf thingy is used to make powder bom o.O

this is truly A big ass monkey
next stop,Jimbaran Sunset Seafood Dinner, the seafood all were freshly grilled , you can still taste the freshness of the seafood, yum yum..had the best seafood ever

entrance to the restaurant

spectacular huh? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Coconut of the night, huge rite?



the waiter, lighting up the candle light, romantic!

seafood of the night--tiger prawn, oyster, lobster, crab and of course, fish (all grilled)



2 Lobsters, yum yum

view when the sun is set

me & mom

well end of day one, you can visit this link to view more pictures
stay tune for Day 2......


Lindy said...

The monkey is so fat! LOL I love the bbq shot! yum yum :D

jfook said...

Owh..they flying fish looks awesome!

FiSh said...

nice pichas! must be an awesome camera there ;D

SonnyKazu said...

wow! nice trip you have there! I hope you have a nice day! :d

v!vi@n said...

wow, nice photos...i like your nice with bow somemore..and also the flying fish..WOW...i've never seen one b4..

TOLANIC said...

Nice place to eat seafood!