Sunday, October 31, 2010

this is what i do after 4 years

Introducing you, HSC Cheras Specialist Center, yes this is where I've been placed for 2 weeks of clinical placement. The first day we reported our self, everything was so not organized, there were no people there that actually tell us what to do or whom to see, so we were like dummies waiting there. Finally someone entertained us, so they introduced themselves to us and so do we. So here goes my first day, we have to stand there whole day and do nothing cause this is basically an observation placement, so we were not allow to touch the patient, so yea....can you imagine standing there 8 hours in a freaking cold department is so so torturing..i barely talk and move...on the second day, i was asked to help at the X-ray department and it was fun being able to learn the process of taking X-ray and printing it out, and learn how to operate a MRI machine too...The sad thing is we have to work on Saturdays, sigh...but it's good also la, got to learn more things. I gotta tell you, the business here is so so good until there's not even a single minute for the physio to rest...

HSC Cheras Specialist Center
front door
Registration desk

waiting area
hallway to the rehabilitation room
list of Doctors and Physiotherapist
physio department
they do provide minor operation too
our physio front desk
 MRI Room
DTS Traction system--for Spinal decompression therapy
the Inverter
duty board
list of patient for DTS treatment
ultrasound gel

gymballs where you can burn all your fats, haha!

rehab room
Slowly i manage to fit my self into the environment, had a lot of fun with the physio department staff, joke around but we are serious when it comes to treating the patient, don't play play, haha!! Learn a lot of things throughout this 2 weeks and met with different kinds of patients too, indeed a very good experience. Most of them were old uncle and aunty and i found out that most of the teenager got scoliosis, many of them come for spine adjustment..sometimes i felt so sad for all of them, hmm....Anyway, these are all the physio i met, all of them are pro-s

Oliver and Zul

i was asked to do some admin stuff too :)
learning gymball exercise from Jayah :D

Towards the second week, things are getting more interesting. Got starting talking to some of the patients and did some ultrasound treatment for the patient after getting to know their Protocol and how they operate. Those patients who come for treatment are mostly Chinese and they tend to speak Cantonese and mandarin, so I'm so-called the translator for my physio department staff and teaches them how to speak too, all those basic words which is commonly use la, haha! So, language is very important in this physiotherapy field..hmm!

Btw, i kind of like the working environment..just that we have to work on Saturdays. Oh well, everything which is good need sacrifices. So, if anyone need any treatment, you guys could try it out here. You can find Mr.Tan, HOD of physiotherapist in HSC for consultation, he's really a good one, you can count on him.

END of Clinical Placement, coming up next :

1 & 3/11/2010- classes on
4-10 /11/2010 - Holidays .. a.k.a study week ..
11/11/2010 - college re-open
12/11/2010 - Mock exam for THEORY
15/11/2010- Mock exam for PRACTICAL
22/11/2010- Submission of FOP assignment
25/11/2010- REAL exam for THEORY
29 & 30 /11/2010 - REAL exam for PRACTICAL


Hilda Milda™ said...

I'm so gonna hate november ):

calvinn said...

WOW your schedule are packed!
btw MRI scans are dam expensive!
*shake head*

Serge Norguard said...

Interesting job you have here.

I am sure you will do well.

SuFang (Careen) said...

Looks PRO =D

cekotet . said...

the best for u . . .

Albert said...

Very good insight of what's inside a private hospital. It really looks like it's a bit high-class :)

Anyway, good luck in your exams!

alvinontherocks said...

after 4 years, definitely worth it. :) all the best in your future endeavor there.

TOLANIC said...

I have the Inverter at home but I don’t know how really to use it.

Joeeeyiii~~~~~~ said...

seriously ur hosptital has so many new modalities and mine is very old school compared to urs, i hope to work at hsc cheras in the future~!

intan said...

gud luck for those exams!