Sunday, October 16, 2011

MAHSA Idol 2011 Grand Finale

First was American Idol, then Malaysian Idol. Have you guys ever heard of Mahsa Idol? Bringing you the very first Mahsa Idol 2011 organised by MAHSA University College recently. The Semi-final was held on the 5th of October which is 2 weeks ago and then the Grand Finale was held on the 12th of October at Mahsa's very own mini auditorium. I attended both of it and I personally got wow-ed that Mahsa actually have so many hidden talent. I was really amazed, really. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed listening to all the songs performed by all the contestant. I can tell you that the Grand Finale was way beyond awesome than the Semifinal, way more happening, even the auditorium can't manage to fit all the students who came that night.

our MC of the night
So this is our TOP 5 FINALIST:

In pink, of course it's Geek in the Pink
In yellow, our very own cute and humour, SIOW SZE HOONG
In orange, meet CHAD

Until the end of the competition, the audience were required to vote for their favorite singer according to their own specific color and it stands 40% of the score and the remaining 60% are given by the judges.

In the Grand Finale, each contestant have to perform an English song and a Malay song.
So first up, Geek in the Pink

CHAD in his Dracula outfit, like the props and the setting of the stage.
 CHAD performing his second song.
our very own cute and humour, SIOW SZE HOONG and her Guitarist

Her, performing Gemuruh...

MEICTHER, one of the judges favourite

Special request performance
Khairul performing a song Farhana


Special performance from the Dental Students

Surprisingly our newly installed Pro Chancellor, YBHG Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr. Hj. Mohd Ismail Merican revealed his talent of singing on that night too. He dedicated 2 songs which is Always On My Mind and My Young Ones.

The surprise doesn't just end there. Out of nowhere once Tan Sri finish singing, there was some staff pushing a table out with a birthday cake on it, and you know what? It was Datuk Haniffa's birthday too. Everybody stood up and sang the Birthday song for him, awwww...

Huge cards and roses

Enough of surprises, now back to the competition. So where were we, ahhh yes it's the moment, what we and the contestant have been waiting for after a long tiring vocal fighting, the RESULT! So who's the winner?

So let's start with the 3rd Prize. Any ideas whom it goes too? 
It goes to.......
The 3rd Prize - MEGALODON
The 2nd Prize - CHAD

As for the Grand Prize, *jeng jeng jeng*

Who would it be??

SIOW SZE HOONG - you can see how happy and excited she is.


 Our honorable judges (from the left) :
Simon Cowell-Mr.Andrew Huan
Paula Abdul-Pn.Nor

 Mabel, Jasmine and Hilda

The Winner Of MAHSA IDOL 2011
of course, not to forget to the other contestants as well, you guys work very hard and had tried your very best to perform. Hoping for the next season of Mahsa Idol. See you guys next year!

and ohh, feel free to check out Hilda's, Mabel's and Jasmine's post on Mahsa Idol 2011 too


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