Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Recap

It's the last day of September, time for a recap shall we? The month of September was quite a hectic yet eventful month for me. First was the World Physiotherapy Day where It was my first time being one of the organizing committee organizing such a big event. It all happened when the day I joined the MAHSA APS club. It was a very good and fun experience working with my other committee members. Although there were lot of last minute bombs and heart attacks, we still managed to pull it off in the end. 

 THUMBS UP to the volunteers (Y)
 A job well done

Volunteers got all HIGH after the event
Post event syndrome
Here's Jasmine, Valerie and Andrew
And here we have Vicky
And here's our energetic Valerie again
Next up, one of my lecturer is leaving on the month of October, how sad. She's been with us for only one year and now she's leaving already, I'm sure gonna miss her laughter
We threw a farewell session for her and she was touched!
*photo credit: Hajar*
Attended MAHSA Mid Autumn Festival organized by MUCCLS on the 26th September night. It was more happening compared to last year. Of course bigger crowd and a lot of activities going around to keep the crowd companied. Happy to see people from different races gather together for this festival. Kudos again, to the MUCCLS organizing committee for organizing another successful event. Looking forward for next year, keep it up.

Last but not least, Hilda's 21st birthday. Again I ruined the plan, as usual haha! She's too smart, really too smart. Celebrated her birthday twice this year, first was with the lovelies @ Ben's Publika and then with the course mates @ Mojo Cafe, Jaya One.

A year wiser shorty!
Lovelies <3
*photo credit: Belinda*
With the course mates
To avoid uploading too many photos in just one post, so I compiled all together into a video, or perhaps a slide show.

Thank you for watching, hehe
Till then, looking forward for the month of October :D


Hilda Milda™ said...

LOL out of so many songs, you choose Baby by Justin Bieber? HAHAHAHAH Thanks so much <3<3<3

Jasmine Pang said...

very eventful it is! :D

Jobless Girl said...

Happening September!!

Henry Tan said...

it's november already! =DD