Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday SIS!!

well, yesterday was my sis birthday...HAAPY BIRTHDAY.
yesterday took her to Sunway Pyramid
watched terminator salvation..
when we got there, saw many people, well as usual now is the holiday season, sure the shopping mall and the cinema will be very very super packed,every family bring
their kids out, but most of them come out with friends, like we use to do...
but duno why majority is malay, mayb because there's one malay movie very nice,but forgot the name already.well, we had to wait in a queue for hours to get the tickets. too bad there were nobody we knew, or else we can cut queue and ask them to buy for us..haah!!!! after that we go for lunch as the movie start at 1.30pm, there's still have time for us to fill our stomach. went to PAPARICH, the food was OK. we manage to do a little shopping after that. Finally its time, but we are late for about 5 minutes, luckily the movie not started yet, bunch of advertisment when we got in. The room was very full. nearly every sit was taken. The movie was very nice, but i think the previous one was nicer. After finish watching, home we went as my sis have to attend tuition at 5pm, so no choice of watching another movie but to go home.

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