Thursday, December 9, 2010

Surprise, Surprise and again SURPRISE

I know it's so so overdue, I'm so occupied with tests, exams and assignments, but still this post is sure a must post cause the surprise just couldn't end in one day. Why? Because it was someone, who was awesome born day where everything happened in the same day itself, Miss Belinda Dwee. It all started when all of us turn her down by saying that we can't celebrate her birthday with her, but ended up with surprises all over KL. Me, Elin and Hilda gave a sudden appearance in front of her again and again and it really worked without her expecting any of it coming, not even a single chance. First, a surprise at Harvey Norman, Pavillion, then later we sort of teman her to go shopping at Sungai Wang and TimeSquare. In fact, we are actually trying to waste our time, waiting for another surprise during the night at Jogoya. So here comes number one awesome thing happened on that day:

                     Malaysia-International Fashion Week                                  we became tourists from, erm where are we from actually? haha!

Awesome Number 2: where both of us got our new toy (HTC Wildfire)

Awesome Number 3: Jogoya, she really never see this coming. She's been waiting for us to eat with her at Jogoya since last year, i think? She thought we went back already cause she saw us walking to the LRT Station, but actually we walk down the stairs on the other side, GOTCHA!

Alright, enough of surprises, it's time to stuff our stomach with all these, so tempting, yum yum

look at the bowl of Wasabi....

My favourite, Marshmallow with Chocolate <3

want some tea? helps in digestion, especially for a BUffet in Jogoya

Some after dinner dessert, Haagen Dazs ICECREAM
Hilda, Belinda, Kenyee, Hoong, & Elin

The surprise just hasn't end there, coming up next, awesome number 4: A red hot, sizzling Ferrari
on our way back to the car, passed by Fahrenheit 88 and wuala!

AWESOME NUMBER 5: Starwars invaders, haha!

that's all for the day, hope you had fun, Belinda :) 
oh, before that, A video for you 
(added something in it :p)


domokun said...

wowww..i like marshmallow dipped chocolate too>< envy..jogoya still hav promotions nao right~

TikkoSS said...

WOW.. all the food looks so temptingly nice.. i will go there next thursday.. nice photos.. love it

HF Horvejkul said...

oh my goodnessss fooodddsss