Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today, today was a total disaster

morning-happy to start a great new day...afternoon-tired,sleepy....evening-mad and sad cause you've met with an accident
you know when you are just so enjoying your dinner in the car during a slowly crawled jam, suddenly the rice and even the chicken flew all over around your driver side. First thought was kind of funny, but then the next second, you looked up and will go like "OH SHIT,  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED, WHAT THE HELL I JUST DID?", and the next thing running through your mind was how much are you gonna pay for the damage and how are you gonna tell your parents about it? The man in the front car will of course step out from the car with a grumpy face yelling at you, "WHAT THE HELL? DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DRIVE? look what happen? " and it was so embarrassing stepping out of the car in the middle of the highway with people looking and starring at you.

all you can do is just kept on apologizing and yea, wait for someone to rescue you, who? your parents and prepare to get scolded by them and prepare to be grounded after that, so yea..end of story!


Hilda Milda™ said...

Flying chicken rice HAHA

Elin said...

Icic.. So is the chicken happened the accident la. Lol.. Hope you be okay :)

Anonymous said...

Daime ~ dat sure sux == More importantly, anyone hurt ? >.< Life is still more important ~ =)

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Joanne , hope you are fine . Accident always happen. chill. As long as you are okay , then good dy . Life is more important than money . =0

alvinontherocks said...

Always try be cool-headed when being in an accident. What you did was just right since the uncle was the one losing his head. :)

Been in a couple accidents myself where people rear end my car but when I see the almost non-existent damage or minor scratches plus their sincerely apologetic faces, I just smile and say just be a little careful next time. :)

Nways glad you're fine girl!

Mr Lonely said...

lol.. nice cup.. XD