Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cause it's a beatiful night tonight

I believe good things happen everyday
I believe good things happen even when bad things happen
And I believe a happy day like today
we can still feel a little sad
That's life isn't it?

Finally, I'm officially done with both of my theory (which is on last Thursday) and practical exam today  after 2 weeks of sleepless and restless night for  my first semester of the First year of my course on Essential of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and i think i screwed all of it, so yea. I don't dare to hope much from it which i knew it wouldn't happen but all i want is just a PASS , a pass will really do, pretty please. The theory exam does look easy, all you need to do is just answer 5 out of 6 essay question but the thing is, the things you've studied and memorize just wouldn't come out from your brain, it just went *poof* into don't know which part of your brain or some sort like a safe box , safely lock inside and you just can't dig it out. As for the practical part, i did some really stupid and ridiculous stuff which I only realised it proximally after a few hours, probably after half of the day, mistakes that i did during the practical started popping out one by one. Alright, enough  of all the rants. So, next month schedule:
  • Having A-month break <3
  • Rock-boulding at MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym
  • A visit to the National Library (to get more info on my FOP assignment-due date 12 Dec 2010)
  • Visit to Kamal bookstore for second semester books-Cardiorespiratory ( i really do need to start studying starting from now, don't wanna repeat like the one i just did )
  • A dance practice and rehearsal 
  • Gathering to attend with the high school mates
  • Shop for CNY clothes, haha!
and, lastly i really do need some workout, I'm getting wider and wider, like seriously due to midnight supper, large amount of meal everyday maybe because of exam stress, feel so guilty now. Time always flies when I'm on my lappy, It's 1.20am already, I  guess I should sleep now or else I'll be dropping from the wall tomorrow. Oh, before i forgot, good luck for those who are having their Practical Exam tomorrow, ALL THE BEST!