Friday, November 26, 2010

Week of the Rights of Children

From 20th to 27th November, change your profile picture on Facebook for a cartoon of a hero of your childhood and invite your friends to do the same ... These days will celebrate WEEK OF THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILDREN! Post it share it, because we care about the kids. =)
and this is my favourite childhood cartoon :P
and i like this, this, this , this and this too <3

and of course, Blue's Clues...i even make my own small notebook like the one in it, and i think this is when i found myself interested in drawing

Rugrats <3
aww, time really flies..i remember those days i was so in time waiting for all the cartoons to be shown on the TV screen, and it's like everyday the same time i'll be getting ready in front of the TV with a cup of milo and crackers biscuits for tea break. And i even can memorise when and what cartoon will be showing  on that day. But it's so sad to see that Cartoon Network and Disney channel nowadays never show all this cartoons anymore, the cartoons now are so ugly and boring, it's not as attractive as last time. How i wish they could play back all those cartoons in Cartoon Network.

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