Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy 19th Born Day

It’s been a very very busy week for me, not only me, but the whole Degree in Physio (Batch 4)…having English presentation to present, research paper to be done, English listening test and and final exam and last but not least, a last minute open book test about Joint Structure & Function yesterday which I skipped, haha….all these have been conquering my brain until I actually forgot about my birthday, seriously. Why does this have to fall on my birthday week? Oh well, I’ve already been through all of it and  it’s all over now, YAY!

Because of all these plus none of them were talking about my birthday plans, so I thought there won’t be any celebration for me and I’ll be celebrating my birthday alone, but in the end it did, and it was a successful birthday surprise, as you know I’m Miss Blur, so yea….everything just work out as the way it suppose to be without me feeling any fishy going around.

So, I’ve been staying at Sieyii’s house this whole week  together with Hilda and Kew cause her parents went outstation and she need some company, so she ask us to go over. As usual, Hilda Sieyii and I went out for dinner on Thursday night @ Jaya One. They suggested eating BBq Chicken; we were standing outside the restaurant for so long looking at the menu, wondering what to eat. I didn’t suspect anything because normally they did that and I thought it was really just a normal dinner. Then suddenly, I heard a group of people shouting my name from the top of Café Chulo and guess what? An advanced birthday surprise and I was like, what the……why are you guys doing here? Omgawd….Then they started singing birthday song to me, awwww I really never see that coming.
all of them were up there and i didnt even see them...
Belinda, Elin, Kew, Kenyee, Siewhong, Alvin, and Franson (hoe’s roommate) was there, but surprisingly Hoe was there too, cause I remember he told me that he’s having a church family dinner that night, so yea. So we sat down, ordered our dinner, played some card games.

Cafe Chulo, a really nice place at Jaya One
from left, SiewHong, Alvin, Franson, Hoe


playing "Killer, doctor" game?? i dont know what's it's call, haha!
and I thought that was it until Hoe brought the birthday cake out and I was like what the again, really never see that coming either, you guys really got me, yea…

there goes my face
they got me Heels <3

here's the prezie, it took me 10 minutes to unwrap it, cause there's so many layers of newspaper, haha!!
at first i really thought it was a fan, lolx!
leaving soon...But before that, Group Photo is a MUST!
from left---Kenyee, Belinda, Sieyii, Kew, Elin, Hilda, Me, Hoe, Siewhong, Alvin and Franson
I thought of not bathing before we went out for dinner cause normally I shower after i come back, THANK GOD I shower, or else I don't dare to go up there and my image will be ruined if that someone see me like this, omg...i cant imagine, wtf...

On the Friday night itself, the family brought me to Pizza Hut to celebrate my birthday and they bought me my favourite Chocolate Indulgence, yum yum.....luv them loads, you guys are always the best <3

Thanks again for the birthday surprise guys, i'm sure this is my best birthday celebration i've ever had, a great one for my last teen year, thanks for making it so memorable and also thanks to all my friends who wishes me in FB wall, calls, sms-ses...thanks again, really appreciate it!

*PSST* actually i was suspecting that you guys were gonna surprise me after my work, haha!...but still, THANKS!


goingkookies said...

OMG!! You have such sweet and awesome friends!!! Never had a surprise like that before but I had one friend he popped by my house with a slice of cake on my birthday 12am as I was studying for exams!

HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY! many happy returns!! =)

Ronnie said...

wow... a really damn nice surprise..shouting from upstairs..

Jamie Wong said...

omg i was wondering which sieyii you're talking about. turn out to be the one i know! lol. surprise surprise!

and btw nice high heels. love it <3

btw, Happy bitrhday!

Anonymous said...

ooooo! is there something going on between u n hoe? hahaha! (i promise not to be jealous!) ROFL!

btw.. so sorry i couldn't make it that day... so sad =(

<3 xoxoxo

Fakhrur Razi berkata said...

woahh what a splendid birhtday's celebration u got over there ;D
by the way, Happy birthday too~
:D still isnt too late right o.O"

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

Hehe, nice surprise! Me and my friends got my best friends heels too! :P

Happy Birthday! Hope I'm not too late...:)

FeeQ said...

Thats is jaya one right? I always went there during my internship XD

Nana Eddy said...

you have good friends...

happy 19th birthday!

freeman said...

Happy Birthday Girlll

May always be blessed

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Teh Tarik Drinker said...

happy birthday and hopefully this year would be a blissful one for you! :D

Jaerragus said...

Hey..Happy Belated b'day. Such cool friends you have.