Saturday, October 9, 2010

it was only just a dream

booya! i'm back so whatsup? well, apparently i have nothing to blog about, been busy this week if you had read my previous post, there's still lots of it going on, might be leaving my bloggie for like maybe after October if i have time to update. So this is just gonna be a short short post. I went to the saloon this morning to give a little cut on my fringe. I sat there for so long wondering whether to get a little trim at the back but ended cutting only my fringe, so yea....i always cant make up my mind when i go to the saloon, which is really frustrating.

so here you go, tadaa!! a little camwhore XD
Suppose to follow the parents back to Taiping to attend my cousin's bro wedding today, but too bad i cant follow cause I'm having classes on Monday. So gonna stay at Sieyii's place for the coming week with Hilda and Kew cause she needs company while her parents went outstation for one week. This is gonna be a hard time for me for not seeing someone for one week... oh well, gotta get back to my so-called English Research Paper, grrrr.....chaoz and Happy Saturday people!


Jamie Wong said...

have fun with your friends :D

Jaerragus said...

Hmm... come back soon( blogging i meant) haha