Friday, October 1, 2010

busy October

it's the first day of October and this is when my nightmare begin, how great to start the first day with OSCE Test in the morning, pffftt~~ Not just that, i'm gonna have a theory exam with 3 essays next Friday, oh great! How on earth my life will be throughout this whole month, i'm so gonna be a busy busy little bumble bee flying around, urgh! So here's my packed schedule of the month, i bet nobody will like it, so yea, i hate October:
  •  OSCE Test on Upper limb
  • Theory Exam on Anatomy, Kinesiology and Assessment
  • English Presentation
  • English Research Paper
  • Book Review
  • English Exam
  • Clinical Placement from 18.10.10 till 29.10.10 :((
  • And of course, my Birthday, hehe :P
Oh well, enough of complaining and frustration...there's no point back to football, Chelsea will be hosting Arsenal this weekend, excited, cant wait, cant wait! Too bad Fabregas and Almunia is all clash out, so sad...honestly i don't dare to see the result, without Van Persie, Walcott, and Ramsey...hmm, so just hope they will kick Chelsea ass this Sunday, haha! no hard feelings guys, PEACE "V"

Oh ya, I'm having class tomorrow @ 8am on some talk by people from Physiotherapy Association, if i'm not mistaken and we have to wear formal, hope that i won't fall asleep, haha!  Btw, i'm going for my second Rock Climbing after class too, cant wait..i bet it's gonna be so so fun :))

i guess that's all for today, choazzz~~


HenRy LeE ® said...

yeah i agree October is a busy month for u and me! XD

SiMon Har said...

well well, i'm gonna wish u earlier: happy birthday!

Jaerragus said...

Good luck for all of that... everyone's bz near year end..