Tuesday, December 29, 2009

open your hands wide & welcome year 2010

its the last week of december and year 2009 is coming to an end. Time really flies this year, maybe because 1st half year i've been lepak-ing around, doing nothing, month pass by one after another, but then 2nd half year i started working as art instructor at my previous art center (Global Art), my mistress was very nice to me, i remember the 1st month i work my salary was like around rm100, then she knew that i travel everyday to college, so she added transport allowance for me, so nice....students were increasing as i teach, she increased my salary too^^ just love her..hahax!! started my college on july, felt that time even flies like rocket.1st sem was way quick i tell you, way too fast..and now entering half way of 2nd sem, and soon mid year exam..SIGH!!!! 2009 for me was like full of ups and down, dont wanna talk about it anymore.Well nevermind, year 2010 is coming soon, looking forward to it^^ never go for vacation this year, TT everybody was too busy with their own things, craving for BEACH!!!! owh, BEACH, just love it^^

ohya, got my driving lisence this year march, passed with flying colours, too bad my partner failed the bukit, kesian him=( but i failed my undang, had to pay rm50 more to resit..i guess computer test just not my thing, worse still it is in bm language..WTF!!!

been going out very often this year since i got to drive, all those gathering to attend, movies, outings, shopping, eating, mamak-ing, countdown, 1st live concert in my life(AAR) with Hilda, elin and belinda and it was freaking hot, sweat..eww!!!but i like it,,lolx...and mom will be there nagging all the way to my bedroom=( that's what moms usually do...had my 1st ******* experience with hilda, elin belinda, charan,zhenru and pavitra..( guys, shhhhhhh!!!!!!) although i was dead at the end..lolx!! i know what i'm doing..hahax!!

am working with the resolution for year '10....hope that i'll be way better than year'09....'09 was just not the year for me i guess+(..........let's just forget all those unhappy things and just wait for year 2010..YAY!!!!

**count-ing down in 2 days**

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