Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today i don't feel like doing anything

i don’t know what has gone into me this few days, i just can’t focus on anything I’m doing and everything seems kept coming in my way which made me more frustrated. Is this the fate I’m having now? Plus it's exam period, i just cant score in any of the questions.  I don’t know why nowadays i kind of slow in catching up things that made most of my friends said that I’m always blur. I’m not that blur few years back, i mean seriously. I’m afraid that i get some kind of sickness which slows my brain down. I tends to forget things that I’ve done few minutes before, so yea…or I’m just lazy to think? I’m afraid that one day i will collapse and never wake up. Plus that someone who made me confuse since i met him worsen the situation. I wish I knew what you are thinking but you just don’t say it or tell. I don't know whether you are scared or shy but at least just tell me what you really feel, don't keep me waiting and figuring it out by myself. I mean isn't it obvious enough? Day by day i miss you more, i don’t care if you know it but this is how I really feel. I even dreamt about you in my dreams and the weirdest part is I cried in it. Things that you’ve done previously does shows something but i don’t know why you can just change in just a speed of light, or I’m just thinking too much or it’s just my wishful thinking. I wish time could rewind to the night we had our first supper together, i really enjoy chatting with you that night. I don’t think i can hold this much longer, i might collapse one day, soon.


SpiRiT3d TeeN said...

boys issue!!!
I kw i'm nt really in a good position to give advice on it. as I never have one. hhaha..
by, wat I kw true out all the obsevation of others, I would said that BOYS!!!! they are like that!!!
sometime they just send out the wrong signal!
love is the hardest thg of all.. is not easy all the time. but, if u really ready and up for it go for it! is not just wait for the right momment to come (sometime u might have to wait forever, aft all gal population more than boys..) lol. now I scared u. hahaha..
ok.. one word - complicated! love is complicated!! haah..

abt ya being forgetful.. not to worry.. I is abt on ages.. aging d.. going twenties soon.. nt young!! hahaa.. I feel that too.. my brain is not as efficient as it use to be!!

HenRy LeE ® said...

sometimes its not only about the boys... girls can always make the 1st move, if false alarm then just laugh it out and saying that u guys should continue to be good friends lor...

guys are shy too... especially towards the girls they really like.

The CleverMunkey

domokun said...

be tough gal~^^

hzyhoe said...

mayb he just want to be friends ? Friends are always the best isn't it =)

Jamie Wong said...

hope the guy reads this and no you're not getting a disease. you're holding too much stress which made you couldnt bother to think about the other stuff