Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rain Rain

this morning was a rainy morn again..and yea, as usual, TRAFFIC JAMS~~~ got much more worse on rainy days,Hate it!!! spend 1 and a half hour in the car just to get to college,sigh!!! suddenly my stomach got upset during that time, i tried to sing in the car so i wont think about the pain so much, but it cant really helped.soooo, yea, u got it, I GOT TO POOP...lolx!!!! i pulled over at a petronas station just before the Damansara intersection along NKVE.....i was so scared alone in the wash room cause there's nobody else there and it was A freaking  huge washroom with very large mirroR, and i scared somebody would come in and peep, so i kept on looking above to see if there's anyone?? lolx...SCARY~~~few minutes later 2 ladies came in and yea, i knew i was safe..hahas!!! i quickly did my thing and off i went..(rUNNING).

Luckily i was not late for my Maths test, i still had around 20mins to revise...then Mr.Chan came in 10mins earlier with his assistant and a freaking young female lecturer, my 1st impression of her was ok, but as soon as she spoke, eergghhhh!!!! i tell you, it was so irritating..grrrr~~~when mr.chan ask her to write trigo formula on the white board, she cant really write out and she was standing there for like 10 mins, then mr.chan was like why are you standing there so long to write a formula??? lol...i think i did ok in my maths test, but flunk a little at the back, the complex number section...oh well, suan le ba...hahax!!

ohya, belinda got me a tank top from Cotton On S'pore..thx ya!!!!♥  Mr.Daniel mentioned about Wan Tan Mee during chem class, so we decided to have Wan Tan Mee for lunch today with elin, hilda, belinda, suzen, sieyii and wong...Yummy!! it was the best Wan Tan Mee i ever tasted in my entire life...you guys should try it one day..hahax!!!

had boring IT class at the afternoon..and was webcam-ing again..this time it is my turn to upload the pics, but not now, later la...it's still with elin^^

tomorrow having bio presentation and chem practical..OH MAN!!!!! so i guess i should stop here and back to my memorising sheet..choaz...

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