Saturday, January 16, 2010

~~You spin my head right round, right round~~

things are getting rusty in here, i'm so sorry for not updating my blog recently, busy with chem tutorial and test, physics test, bio presentation and IT presentation too. plus there's nothing much to blog, so yea!! kind of lazy too=p

seems like tomorrow everybody had their own plan, except me, stay at home with the BOOKS..mum having family day at Lagoon and annual dinner later nite at sunway resort, sis going sunway for a movie with her friends, bro going for working,so left me alone at home..sigh=(....boring + moody

let me see, well not much happening this week. having chem practical, test and tutorial. got 87% for my previous chem practical, lost 3 marks on my chem tutorial, cant really remember where i lost that 3 marks.just for your info, 1 mark is like equals around 6-7 marks,.kind of disappointed=( maybe i cant really get my ass on my study lately, my brain just cant work efficiently, kept on thinking of something for bio, done the last report for the whole foundation course, YIPPEE!!! NO MORE BIOLOGY REPORTS^^ as in FINALLY..HAHAHAS!!

picked Belinda up on thursday morning, she cant drive to college cause she have to go to OU after class to catch her bus to Singapore. glad that i never got lost on the way to her house although i've been to her house just once..lolx!! i guess my memory is still in good condition or maybe i'm used to all those round round and round roundabouts where shah alam is very famous with. " you spin my car right round right round"..hahahhas!!!

oh yea, took some pics of my students..and WUALA!!!

Stalked them when they were busy with their colourings..hehe^^
it's now entering the 3rd week of jan 2010..oh MAN, this is fast, time really flies><>

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