Saturday, January 23, 2010

this is the last and the worst

drove early morning to college yesterday just to sit physics test for just half an hour, just 10mins before reaching, got belinda's text written "pengyou men, i'm at school early, wanna makan??? haha, so off i went to the usual spot, AliMaju had breakfast with her together with suzen and hilda..

later 9am back to class to sit for the test..and yea, he SNAKE us up in the test...i cant even do the first question, just 2 out of 5 of the question came out exactly what he told us to revise earlier..sigh=( this is the last and the worst test for sem 1..

so later after the test, hilda, belinda and i went to the sunway for a movie therapy..we watched was way better than 2012, at least there's a good ending compare to 2012. a movie with the combination of horror + action..i'm gonna rate 9 out of 10..THUMBS UP!!!^^

one of my besties finallly landed on malaysia yesterday at 8.30pm, KLIA....unfortunately i have to work, unable to welcome her back together with the rest of my classmates...we are so gonna meet up next week k?? hahahs!! and we shall start our " losing wait program" which i promise you earlier..

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