Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i've been thinking lately, why time flies? its the last day of march again, another month had gone in just a blink of an eye and it's APRIL FOOL tomorrow! and i'm having the last paper for the midyear on april fool day, YAY!! yea, you heard me, exam on a fool day..hehe!! i know it's a fool day tomorrow but please dont fool us in the physics paper mr.chan=) been flooding my brain with physics these two days and i cant input anymore, i'm quite not in the mood to study since monday after maths exam, perhaps i'm in the holiday mood already :O heh heh!

this morning Man U played against Bayern and they lost 2-1, hahaah!! poor poor Rooney>< afterall, there's second leg, i hope they lose again, hehe!! and Arsenal is playing against Barcelona tomorrow morning, i was wondering whether to watch anot? you better win gunners, lets kick Barca's ass!! although thiery henry is a Barca><--*fingers cross*

having BBq party at Belinda's house this coming Sat, cant wait for it, i bet it would be fun with Chelsea vs ManU on that particular night, WOAH!!!! i bet its gonna be so so happening, and it's gonna be BIG!!! woohoo!!!!

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