Monday, December 27, 2010

Flying Cow Ranch

So, my first stop at Taiwan--Flying Cow Ranch  (飛牛牧場), Miaoli, Taiwan. Boarded the plane at 0910, departed at 0950 from LCCT and arrived at TaoYuan International Airport, Taiwan at 1440. Meet with 20 others who were in the same tour group and one of them was my friend from tuition last time who was staying in Kota Kemuning too..the world is so small and i met my primary friend, Keith who was also in the same flight with me but with different tour group and so coincidence my sis knew his younger brother, lolx.

Busy four-squaring
bro n me, waiting at the departure hall
so coincidence, met with my ex-classmate
D7 2672
After nearly 5 hours in the air, finally we landed on TaoYuan International Airport, Taiwan. Immediately i felt freaking cool breeze blowing against my face once i step out of the cabin, straight away i freeze there for a moment.

Custom Checking
baggage claim

waiting hall

Go go, grab your luggage, the bus is here already..waiting for us at the main gate and wuala, look how pretty she is?? and it's a new travel bus..everything is so clean and new inside and there's one big plasma screen in front, so nice. So let the Journey begin... weee~~~
this is our tour bus, pretty huh?

So first stop, Flying Cow soon as we get there, we couldn't spend much more time to enjoy the surrounding or get to see the environment cause when the moment we get down from the bus, the only thing in our thought was quickly run to the hotel lobby. It's really really cold until i hardly move both of my legs, and the freaking hotel lobby was so far away from the bus. I was thinking where the hell is the hotel lobby? Why is it so far? I cant take it any longer. Everybody was grasping both of their hands and rubbing against each other once we get to the lobby. We didn't thought that it would be that cold, or maybe it's because of the strong wind and drizzle....


our hotel room
we were treated one bottle of fresh milk each
Souvenir shop

Souvenir Counter
Who want some milk? that would be my pleasure to squeeze you some :P

steamboat with milk soup and beef roll
looks like soup rite? well it's actually steam egg at the bottom

After dinner, we had a stroll around the ranch and of course their souvenir shop

look at these huge ass lollipop anything?

Around 8.30pm, the ranch arranged us a little DIY program, on what? Baking egg tarts, wee~~

the ingredients
the recipe
this is the one that make the jelly top

of course egg, how can you miss that?
lets start baking, shall we?
the crowd
almost there

we divided the big lump into 11 small balls and press it flat into each paper cup and we poured the mixed egg into it and send it to the oven for 30mins...
and wuala, it took 30mins to bake in the oven

so, that's all for Day 1, more COWS coming up do stay tune :)


alvinontherocks said...

Taiwan is an awesome place especially for its candy and desserts. I need to go there one day. The only time I've been to Taiwan was at Taoyuan airport for my transit to the States. Argh!

Yeah so where's my candy?

Hilda Milda™ said...

I think cow fans will be so happy to die there, whole place fills with holy cows HAHA LOL I spot cockroach! wtf and how does milk steamboat taste like? milky? ugh

PrisCielLa said...

Niceee! :D :D
Especially the egg tart part and erm yeaaa. milk straight from a cow is tastehhh :D

Chuen said...

Ahh..Taiwan's so nice!

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

The hotel so nice!! Love em!

soulesscloudy said...

wow... does the hotel smell milky and creamy???

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

wah cow ! =D

CzChooi said...

wow! that place looks nice n cute!

xing said...

nice!! update more on taiwan! i'll we waiting!

TOLANIC said...

Fuahhh, Taiwan! Nice trip to Taiwan yo! 12c is like a temperature in Genting. No need to wear thick jacket. =)

I wish i can go to Taiwan too because i know few people there.

crazywrazy said...

I like the squeezing the cow's milk photos! And the egg tart look nice , sedap :P

~Snowman~ said...

wow! i wanna go taiwan too! =) this is so fun weyy!

llen said...

cooking beef in milk seems kinda wrong XD ...

amjadbutt said...

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