Monday, March 1, 2010

the weekend

had hilda stayed over over the weekend at my place=), cause she's scared to be alone in the hostel..hehe!! picked her up and off to the usual pool at matshushita, shah alam, too bad didnt took any of the pics. swam couple of laps, had fun..we went to the lake too for a jog the next day, u know what Hilda, you should JOG!!! hahah!! even those aunties jog, see!!! great to have you around anyway^^

yoga pose

lovely sunset

went for Elin's Chap Goh Meh's BBQ Party yesterday, sigh, the last day of CNY and the end of the month feb, time really flies...won lots, hehe!!! then we went to sieyii's place too, her house was...WOW!!!! haha, speechless, how i wish i have a house like that, IN MY DREAMS!!!! yea, i know, sob sob=(

Tong Hua Sun!!! Huat ar!!!!

i guess i should stop here, end of CNY mood, gonna switch my brain to exam mood already, so yea, i guess i should go back to my book, till then...

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