Friday, April 16, 2010

once in a blue moon

its been a while since we have a day out together, although there's only 5 of us today, too bad yimin and tsuqi cant tag along, miss you both loads. i know its hard for us to gather with the 7 of us together, thx to our different timetable and routine, sigh~ but anyway had a blast today, chinli picked me up around 12pm, suppose to be 11am, but nevermind, i woke up late also, heh heh...had a lot of hilarious conservation in the car, chinli was funny, i mean seriously, can i have another one? LOLX!!

had lunch @ FullHouse in the meantime waiting for jill to come cause a car double park at her back of her car without leaving any contact number, and so she have to wait for that owner to! it was crowded..we didnt get a nice table, which is in the center of the walkway, too bad!..i ordered a set lunch which include sphagetti with mushroom sos, one whole huge jug of ice lemon tea, mushroom soup and lastly of course dessert, and it only cost rm16, worth it huh?

then later jill tag along finally, so we bought tickets for Clash of The Titans @ 2.30pm..surprisingly there was no queue at the ticket booth, weird! cause normally it will be packed by most of the sunway-rian, monash-rian, taylorian and inti-rian..LOLX!! most probably it was raining heavily that time..hmm!! so we finished around 4pm..then we went jalan-jalan, shop shop later :)

too bad i cant join you guys for dinner, gotta work :( maybe next time?
anyway, chinli thanks for your ride...:)

the menu

waiter & waitress



one whole huge jug of ice lemon tea

heh heh, desert (after)

chin li driving

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