Saturday, April 10, 2010


had a walk with mom @ CarEfour to get my pin board and bought some stuff. on the way back i did something really silly. After putting all the stuff in the boot, i pushed the trolley back to the door entrance cuz there were no proper place to place the trolley, so i just put it there. here's the silly part, i went back to the car, mom drove and make a u-turn to the exit.

me: who the hell place the trolley in the middle of the road?
mom: yea, yahor?? who ar?
me: (i remembered) owh!! it was me, it must have been slide down the road, OAH OHH,yikes!!!
mom: sei lor! later people's car knock on it how?
me: heh heh, wont de lar, the worker will come and push it away, (I GUESS??)

OOPS!! MY BAD! and i felt kind of lazy to get down from the car to push it aside, i told my mum just drive, just leave it there la, probably no one is so stupid to knock on it gua? hopefully! but i swear i place it properly before i left, weird!!? lolx! heh heh..

ohya, and i got meself a new bed sheet cover, yay!

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