Thursday, June 3, 2010

just too fast

hey guys im back! yea im not dead yet and i knew i broke the rules 1 week ago, haha!! just couldnt stand it without internet, i guess it had become a part of my life, lolx! done almost half of my subjects, half more to go..

received a shocking news this afternoon when i was taking my nap, its a message from my friend, shulin and i was told that another friend of mine since primary, jill..her mum just pass away yesterday, i was like, what!! why izzit so sudden? i tried to call her but she never answer the phone, so i left her a message...well, i wish you could stay strong girl, i really do! we will always be there for you, STAY TOUGH!

last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!! mUAks muacks!! bring you go shopping after my exam kay? heh heh ;p

ohya, saw a little tiny bird sleeping (with the eyes open, oh wait, do birds sleep with their eyes open? ) @ my parent's room window grill yesterday night and i took some shots! and it overnight until this morning, around 6.50am. i was so afraid it might fly into the room when i took the shot of it with flash, haha!! but it didnt, it is still standing, yea still standing? yes standing, haah!!

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