Monday, July 26, 2010

kinomo Yukata?

i know this is so overdue, but it's the popular yearly Bon Odori 2010 event, happening again at PANASONIC SPORTS COMPLEX, SHAH ALAM. Yay!! been waiting for this since last year, this is my first year attending for such an event. I went there kind of late, around 7.30-ish cause i have something to do during the noon and i rush back as fast as i can. ThE gate actually open at 5pm and the event start around 7pm and ends around 9.30pm.

Here's the program schedule :
17:00 Gates open
19:00 Opening - Drum Performance
19:15 Enjoy the Cultural Dance Part 1
19:45 Dance by Guest Performers
20:00 Enjoy the Cultural Dance Part 2
20:30 Dance by Guest Performers
20:45 Enjoy the Cultural Dance Part 3
21:45 Closing Address

and and something you must know:
- Attire: Yukata (but if you don't have one, just wear casual and neatly will do ;)
- NO Cosplay, Gothic and Lolita dress, Please.
- NO High-heels allowed in the dancing field.
- Only flat-heeled shoes are allowed onto the field.
- Wear Slippers or Sandals instead of high-heels.
- Strictly NO SMOKING, except for designated area.

So met up with sheryl and her gang at the main entrance and you know what? I have to park way far across the roundabout near the factories and actually walk like around 15mins to the complex. Kind of a good workout though, haha!! As i walk, i saw many people were leaving already, then i thought what? is the event over already, oh SHIT me! here goes...starting with the 1st pic, cute!

aww, they are so adorable

look at the CROWD!!

met 2 of our friends there, on the left is shingying while on the right is minli and Sheryl where are you looking at lar? cute guy over there? lolx

they got HELLO PANDA too, RM12 for each (big one)

this is where they sell noodles, RM10 each

sheryl and the gang
look at their hair acessories

say bye bye! *wave hand*

last but not least, a little souvenir from the event <3


ken said...

beem there back in 2008.. guess the agenda is almost the same.. haha.. only the fan design changes =)

Grace said...

I went too ;) most of them wear yukata, seldom see them walking around with kimono! anyway, I was late for the event too.

Suzanne said...

Looks fun. I haven't been to Bon Odori yet, planning to go next year haha.