Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anatomy book Hunting plus freaking PC Fair

went to hunt for Anatomy book with Hilda yesterday. Kicked off our day with having brunch at one of the mamak at Seksyen 19 Shah Alam after picking her up at Shah Alam KTM Station around 8am. After that we headed towards Kamal Bookstore which only supply medical books at KL, sounds chio rite? haha!! its kind of easy to find the shop, it's just opposite Hospital Kuala Lumpur. All i do was follow the signboard written Jalan Pahang, and wuala, found the shop without getting lost, haha!! im not trying to show off here but yea..the traffic was so smooth all along Federal Highway probably because we went really early, how i wish it was like that during weekdays, no matter what time it is, but i know it will never ever gonna happen.

So, parked my car and walked into the shop, sieyii came later and we started searching. The shop was very small and it was hell lots of books, high up until the ceiling o.O...we bought around 13 books but they still consider very little =.= altogether cost us like around 1k plus plus already and yet they consider little, poor people like us cant afford it la :(((

didnt manage to get a closer pic, but still from far, hehe!!

it was still early, like around 10am, so me and Hilda decided to go to PC Fair @KLCC since we are in KL already, so why not? plus i need to get meself a new mouse :) we didnt spend much time over there cause I dont like crowded occasion, the promoters there really scared me off cause they were like thousands of them blocking the walkway with their hands full with brochures especially the internet and broadband booth. So right after i bought me mouse, me and Hilda quickly walk towards the exit, we didnt really want to stay there any much longer, they are really freaking me out :((

Walking towards the entrance

it was only 10.30am when we arrived, the door only opens at 11am. so we joined the rest, waiting for the door to open

saw this weird guy (hao xiang chong da lu lai de) giving off brochures..
Just Done IT in fact of Just Do It, by NIKE, lolx

look at the time, we are damn freaking early

Hall 1

DANGER sign!!
finally we are OUT!! and we saw groups of kids walking towards the fair, awww!! this is the Yellow team :P
the Blue Team, saw the little girl on the left.,*what you looking at* lolx!

the Black Team, hilda was one of them too, haah!!

the Red team, sry bout the blur-ness ><
beautiful graphic in the tunnel towards the fair

hilda with her fav

Standard Chartered

haha, saw this poster when we were walking around in KLCC

straw hats :)
and, more shoes
aawww.. cupcakes looks beautiful and delicious much from BISOU Bake Shop
tadaa, bought me new mouse, likey like :D
they even got their name printed on their plastic bags
this is the one, i bought 3 of them and guess how much it cost me? RM332 and now im officially broke :(( luckily they give us discounts, if not it will me more
my new toys who's gonna stay with me for the next 4 years

look at the freaking price, this is before discount...0.0

and i got lost on my way back from KLCC, yea lousy me but still manage to get out of KL, haha!! then headed to USJ 9 to grab our chili pan mee for lunch and it was really really GOOD! gonna blog bout it in the next post, so stay tuned, you will so gonna try it out.


Mr Lonely said...

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Ronnie said...

That G-Cube Mouse is nice to use !
The yellow team, black team... where are they heading ?? Indeed a good way to recognize and identify if someone is lost !!

Nana Eddy said...

waaa so many peoplewa

calvinn said...

i love your photos!

vialentino said...

hi hi

u really make me miss my klcc life....

3ryan said...

hehe =D looks so yummy... i'm so hungry now TT
n the mouse so so cute =D