Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lets party people, it's.......

hey guys, i know my blog is im back here finally posting a new entry on MTV Worldstage 2010 live in Malaysia, and i know this is so so overdue, sorry about the delay due to the internet connection of my broadband SUCKS! and it's already over the limit in just 2 weeks time, sigh....anyway, YEA LETS ROCK & ROLL GUYS!! IT'S MTV WORLDSTAGE IN THE HOUSE...weee~~~

went there with the sis and some of her friends, Hilda and boyf, lynn and bestfriend, laikee and boyf. started lining up around 1pm and it was freaking HOT!!! the gate opens around 4pm and the line disappear in just a blink of an eye, everybody were pushing and rushing towards the entrance.

everybody were running like mad cows towards the surf beach and so do i, haha!! surprisingly i got to stand in the 2nd row in the normal zone, YAY!!! unfortunately, it started raining, and yea, im wet and i smell like salted fish.

performing first was Bunkface, second was Wondergirls, then Tokio Hotel, and lastly of course KATY PERRY!!!!! there's some long long delay, we almost waited for an hour for each performer to come out..and we watched and listened to the ads for like over and over the end of the show, Wondergirls made an encore after Katy Perry's but i really cant stand it anymore, my foot was so sore and tired, plus soaking in water, urgh!! so i left.

the long queue and it's only 1pm
X-pax big balloon flying up high, one of the sponsor

sis and me
sitting under a bright clear blue sky plus a very very super duper hot weather
the lagoon entrance, we waited there for like 1 hour and being entertaint by some from dont know where singer...
stage set up by X-Pax

somebody litter on the floor, lolx!!
and we got a bee chop thingy on our arm, too bad mine was wiped off by my own sweat SIGH~~ this was my sis's friend
it was quite empty at the back when i got there :)
first up..BUNKFACE!!!
CHIO MUCH?? lets rock!! yea!!
the sweaty and wet crowd, haah!!
we were all wet, smell like salted fish ><

the crew
WONDERGIRLS!!! Nobody nobody but you..haha!! nah..not this pic, it's in the next

typically like this :D
ahhh, this is the one...everybody was like singing together, and dancing the steps, gosh it was awesome

fireworks which end the performance of the wondergirls...

TOKIO HOTEL was next and this is the one we waited for almost one hour and a half for him to come out, tiring much, but it's worth waiting..

beautiful fireworks which ends the performance
and for the whole worldstage, this is what om waiting for..ITS KATY PERRY!!!!! she kicked off the stage with her famous Carlifornia Girls by standing on a banana split, yum yum, haah!!...<3

she even sing her new song PEACOCK!!

near to the end of the show, the balls started rolling all over the crowd which made the crowd went wild!
and of course, some souvenir from MTV, too bad the rain ruin it :(
it started peeling off at the side
and i still have a complete ticket too, they didnt tear the bottom part when i passed the gates :)

*accept for the waiting part*


Ronnie said...

Love your third photo..the one u with your sister ! Features are alike just the eyes !

ken said...

getting wet isnt a nice experience.. =/

chris federick said...

Wow cool u gotta see wondergirls live!

Everlyn said...

U're stil pretty even kena rain =D

chenlin said...

you and your sis looks alike, especially the chin^^

Lukey Cher Hong said...

the event was definitely awesome! too bad i can't go >.<

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

TOLANIC said...

Fuahh, your face looks so reddish! Awwww! Cute! Hahaha