Thursday, September 9, 2010

holiday mode ON

a random short post, finished my so-called OSCE Test on Tuesday and i think i did it with "flying colours" especially the theory one, yea... So now i'm in the holiday mood, starting today till the 20th of September. So, it's around 11 days of it, how i wish i could have 2 weeks of holiday like the others, some even got their 3 weeks of holidays, not fair! but it's better than not getting any of it, like my brother, he doesn't have any holiday for this raya season, he only have the actual day of Raya holiday but no any extra days.

I watched Pirahna with Hilda and Alvin (a dentistry friend) right after our OSCE, overall was ok, but i think the killer fish was a little fake, they didnt really show how it feed on the human's flesh. Some scene was so so gross, feel like puking, and of course, got thousand times of shocked during the whole movie. The ending was the LAME-ST...and there is also one part in the trailer which never shown in the whole movie, is it part of Part 2 of Pirahna, i doubt. There's one thing i can tell you, make sure you dont eat anything before the movie if you dont wanna puke on your neighbours. HAHA!

people partying at Lake Victoria
here comes the killer fish
Blood bath
poor Sheriff, being killed in order to save the rest
poor poor Derrick, serve you right! haha!
this is the missing part, in trailer but not in the movie


the Cafeteria seems cold (lang cheng cheng) this week cause most of the students went back to their hometown since last Friday, even the Malay stall have their early holiday since Monday, left the chinese and indian stall. Oops, looks like i'm craping more and more stuff here, doesnt look like a random short post already, gonna end here so,



CzChooi said...

i want to watch it so badly!! lol

Jaerragus said...

I've watched it... to me it's just ok...

Ronnie said...

so so only... i think censored a lot in the cinema !

ken said...

havent watched it.. no company! =)

Lukey Cher Hong said...

a lame remake of jaws?

toninkush said...

I actually wanted to watch this until I found out that there aren't 3D screenings for this in Malaysia.

FYI Lukey Cher Hong, this is actually a second remake of the original Piranha film.

SiMon Har said...

they cut so many! that's y the show time is short!

Celeste xiao fang said...

Totally agree with you, the scenes are just so disgusting and bloody...=.=

Dylan Phuah said...

you shud watch the un-cut version. download it. there are alot of cut scenes in the movie they show in the cinema.
like boobs and stuff. LOL! which is why you wont see the fishes kill.