Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the very first Photoshooting

Right after my work, met with Hilda & Belinda @ 100 yen, Kota Kemuning last Friday night. Suddenly they ask why not we go for a photoshoot for our blogshop (under maintainence) thingy at Putrajaya on Sunday morning and i answered yea, why not? So here it is, first time having my so-called photoshoot with Hilda, Elin, Belinda and surprisingly the younger sis too. I'm the driver for that day and it was pretty tiring, but it's easy to go with the help of the signboard. Kicked of our trip with the very Katy Perry's new song called "PEACOCK" and we go the car, sounds so wrong? haha!

As a Malaysian, I'm proud to tell you that Putrajaya is really a spectacular place, all the buildings, structure, landscape was really amazing. So we drove all around Putrajaya and we found a perfect spot to do our photoshoot and just what we needed, a sunny, bright, blue sky, lovely!

So, lets start with the shooting shall we? Here you go, it's gonna be tons of photos, bare with me...

on our way to Putrajaya
Elin (so called our photographer's assistant, on the left) , Belinda (our photographer)

and this, is our clothes, dresses, props!
me with the straw hat
Younger sis (Joe Lin)



my fav shot

Lovely group photo

it's getting dark, shall hit home already :((
cool sturcture of the bridge

there goes our so-called photoshoot, hope for the's always been a great and happening outing with you guys, really had a lot of fun, weee~~
Last but not least, some credits to all of you,
Photographer of the day : Belinda
Camera of the day : Canon 550D
Models : Hilda, Elin, Belinda, Joe Lin and me
Car of the day : Honda City (lolx)


dblchin (double chin) said...

keep it up sweetie! I bet u had lotsa fun with the shooting

Jaerragus said...

So many.... nice pics...

Ronnie said...

nice photos on those beautiful dresses.... it just matches....fuyoh !!

John said...

the dress really so beautiful oh. said...

a bunch of lengluis!
photos? still alot much nid to improve lah! but is nice too!
keep it up!!!

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Waaa photoshoot! I wanna go also! *lol why do I feel so sissy one*

p.s. Hilda duper short wei when stand with everyone! XP

melmonica said...

Wah, so much stuff for a photoshoot? You're one of the most prepared models I've ever seen (compared to the models I shoot)


` Yi Han said...

Nice pictures! :D

Shuwen said...

Agreed with Vince ! Hilda so cuutee XDD Nice pictures ! :D loving those dresses :)

k~^|n said... many leng luis...

Miss N said...

nice photos..

ken said...

all should smile more! =)

ph1l1p said...

nice pictures...:D