Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reviving after 2 weeks

ok, i know my blog is officially dead, so now i'm here to revive it back..lolx! I've been busy with my studies and stuff, plus i have nothing to blog about, so sad...but but i found a bunch of photos that i took earlier which havent been posted up while i'm organizing my photo album yesterday. So I decided to blog about it since i have nothing to post about.

Time does fly, it's already 1 month since I stop teaching wednesday and thursday night classes. I'm starting to miss all of them, miss their silly (sometimes annoying) stories, jokes, running all over the classroom and i have to yell at them all the time. Sometimes they are kind of mischievous which made me dizzy, and i have no choice but to use the cane, yet i still love them. They are my distress pill since i started teaching. I wonder how are they progressing with their new teacher? i wish i could pay them a visit, but i know it's kinda impossible cause i'm staying in the hostel.

So, here's the pictures of them:

see that kiddo over there, he's the unbearable one, you dont wana mess with him i tell you!
from the bottom, meet Lucious, Liqian and Priya
cute isn't she? she's a new student of mine, so do the both at the back :))

this is Jun Yang
the unbearable one, URGH!!
Buncho poster colours <3
Lucious again, one of the best in the class
Li Qian

and this, is Hao Yang (kind of look like xxx)

and sorry about the mood swing lately, felt a little moody prolly because of the weather and the tension-ness from the studies?? yea...things just went jumbled, confusing...oh oh, Arsenal won 2-1 against Blackburn tonight, weee~~~next up Man United vs West Ham...who's staying up??

Kidnapped Hilda to stay over over the weekend yesterday, and yea she's sort of like a refugee, haha!! and we are going for a photoshoot tomorrow at Putrajaya, wee....excited, cant wait.


Steven said...

They will do fine since you taught them before~~ pray for them if you love them haha

Ronnie said...

the kids are really adorable !
their colouring so nice !

elin said...

awww... the kid, Jun Yang so cute~ Feel like cubit cubit his face. Hahhhaa. btw, don't too stress la leng leng. U still got us ma. ^^
& can't wait for 2mrw photoshoot too. =)