Thursday, March 17, 2011

The two Homeless tortoises

Once upon a time, there was this 8.9 quake that hit Japan hit my tortoises home sweet home last night, *cut cut cut* This is not a story telling session, lolx. Okay back to the point, just because of the terrible storm last night, got to know that my 2 tortoises lost their home sweet home when i got back home from hostel today, poor little thing. Now i need to get them a new home ASAP..

Look what happen to their home, it's not earthquake don't worry. It just happened when the flower pot above it fall onto it and smash their home, luckily they are not hurt, their shell is hard enough to protect them :P
Now they have to live in a temporarily home, so sad they have to live separately now. One in a small bowl like flower pot and one in a pail, pity them

Seriously i never really name them from the first day i rare them, so.....but somehow I still can differentiate between both of them by their shell colours.
meet xxx 1 (elder brother)
meet xxx2 (younger brother)
By the way, got my theory exam result this afternoon. I did really really bad this time, first time ever in my life. Just felt so disappointed in myself, i've got nobody to blame but myself. Oh well, guess i need to cut off my outings and concentrate on my coming TP and CR exams and assignments.


Hilda Milda™ said...

I thought they were both in the same pail! :P Luckily they didn't run away from home heh

crazywrazy said...

you should get a tsunami-proof home for those two lovely tortoises :D

Philip Khor said...

yeah these two look the same

Jux da BoY said...

Cute weeyyyy~ Pets >_______<

Joanne Lai said...

O.O terrible storm, your tortoises were so unlucky...

domokun said...

awww..put them in a bucket so that they can accompany each other..><

JLean said...

Poor the Tortoise. =)..

Jean said...

i always hope that the little ones will grow as big as those in your pics but they were never as fortunate. or is it me that is unfortunate? lol

have a nice day! =)

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