Saturday, July 23, 2011

S u m m e r Oh Eleven

Summer's filled with breaking the rules,
Blue skies, sea breeze;
White Beach; fine sands;
bikinis towels ready, 
tanning till the day is done, 
just having fun, 
meeting cute boys,
collecting sea cucumbers
Blue sands; star glazing;
trekking in the dark with some strangers,
shooting stars, hear waves crashing;
We were having too good of a time,
to worry about what would happen next.
Amazing friends; Summer night;
Saving Lucky Star;
Bumpy boat ride;
Summer 11 had made me a blast;
Summer love

It all happens when Sheryl wanted to go for a summer vacation at the beach with a bunch of running mates, she's been nagging and nagging and finally her dream came true. We went there for 3 days 2 nights at Redang Lang Resort and we fully utilize the time with snorkeling, sunbathing, star glazing, night trekking, baby shark hunting and of course photo shooting. We were lucky enough to catch a glance on shooting stars and a bleeding baby turtle, just hatched, being hurt by a crab. Everything just happen out of a sudden which is not included in the itinerary. We met some new friends over there and we hung out at the bar on the last night, glad to meet you guys. The whole trip was just AMAZING!!! 

this is where they shot the filmed, 夏日樂悠悠

Meet Sheryl, Anna and Nicole




Leaving Lang Tengah Island

If you've read my previous post "Beaches in my wishlist", now that my wish for this summer had came true although Lang Tengah wasn't one of the beaches in the wishlist but still it's a well-spend summer oh eleven and Lang Tengah is truly GORGEOUS!! The only thing is we didn't take any night pictures. Will do that on our next trip, weeeee

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever. 
That endless summer, take me there again

Here's the trailer on the movie that i mentioned, shot at Lang Tengah Island


Starring Angela Baby & 彭于晏


ken said...

seems like u girls had fun taking photos.. haha..

Stephanie Ee said...

Nice and sexy. Funny too. Haha

Hilda Milda™ said...

I wannnnna go there! Promise me you'll bring me, k? :P

domokun said...

waaaa so nicee>< but i dun dare to wear bikini><