Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hilda's 20th Birthday

It's the 3rd year already we celebrated Hilda's birthday, time really flies huh? So this year we made the surprise 100% perfect that she really never never see this coming. And again we made her cry. *hiak hiak hiak*

                           This was last year                                                          and this, year 2011

We planned it for almost a week, thinking of how to give her a surprise, the really surprise one. We waited for Kenneth to send her back to hostel from their birthday dinner. Then we hid behind the lift with Belinda's own made Red velvet cake and waited for her to go into the lift. Then we made a sudden appear. The plan is just too perfect isn't it? She even said that it's even better than last year.

the Birthday cake--Red velvet (bake by Belinda the awesome)
this is what we use to cut the cake :P
the Birthday card and present :)

The birthday girl deserve some kisses <3<3 <3

Later we went to Jaya One's Station One for second round
the usual birthday drill, Face to cake / Cake to Face :P

Glad that you had a great time and may all your wishes come true
luv you <3<3

not to forget,
please be nice to me but i knew that it's gonna be a busy busy October month for me. MUET exam and presentations.


Hilda Milda™ said...

And not forgetting someone's birthday coming soon also HAHA or wait is it next month or this month? LALALA

Kian Fai said...

feel like participate the push head on to cake session lol