Monday, December 19, 2011

Food Review: Organic Recipe

Oh hello Monday, let's kick start your day with some healthy organic food which keeps your Monday Blues away. So, I've been invited to a food testing last Friday at Organic Recipe, Bandar Utama to do a food review on healthy vegan/vegetarian cuisine. Besides, there's also a Diet & Nutrition Talk by Wong Yu Jin, Official Nutritionist for Miss Malaysia Universe but too bad I couldn't stay back for the talk.
Organic Recipe - Tucked in tranquil surroundings and nested among the lush greeneries, discover this charming fresh food restaurant that comes with complete menu – you’ll bound to find something for everyone in the family. From Asian to Western and anything in-between, come enjoy a wholesome dining experience!
At Organic Recipe, they use as much organic produce as possible and steer clear of using monosodium glutamate (MSG) in order to bring out the best in every dish. They also carefully selected their ingredients which is free from preservative, artificial colouring and flavouring. They offer a healthier alternative dining experience to everyone. They promote healthily eating without compromising on taste; makes eating healthily look so effortless.

The main Entrance
The outdoor section
I personally like their outdoor section because I simply loved the relaxing ambience with occasional wind breezing in and the creeper plants all around.
Outdoor mini Kitchen
The indoor section
While waiting for your food, you can take a walk around their health-food store at one end of the indoor section which sells their organic foodstuff and ingredients. You could browse through the shelves and freezers and you'll find an extensive collection of organic and health products on sale, from organic vinegars and flours to shampoo and detergents. 

The person in-charge, Leonard Tan explaining the nature of the restaurant and products they're selling.

Samples of cookies and biscuits
Vegetarian Seasoning Powder which serves in replacing our commonly use, MSG
Lots of on sale products
Household Utensils from Husks' Ware, Shampoo, detergents,  and Health magazines too
HUSK’SWARE™ is all about creating eco-friendly products that has the perfect balance of functionality and product safety that protects your health with great peace of mind. 
HUSK’SWARE ™ Rice Husks Products Features:
  • Withstand temperature between -30°C to 120°C
  • Product surface contain natural wax from rice husk. Using this product for a long period of time will cause naturally waxed surface to fade, but it does not affect the quality of the product.
  • Using HUSK’SWARE™ products in high temperature will produce smell of rice husk. This is natural and is completely harmless.
 HUSK’SWARE ™ is – Simple*Natural*Healthy

Body Soap
So-called healthy junk food

Enough of the intro, so let's dig in shall we? We started with some Asian Food which is the Mixed Fresh Fruits Tea.

Mixed Fresh Fruits Tea, with the composition of fruits including apple, orange, pear, lemon and others. I could drink this cup after cup, not too sweet, just nice. Highly recommended.
Tom Yam Soup (In Coconut Shell) - 东炎椰盅. Served in a coconut shell, the tom yam soup is brewed with vegetables (baby corns, mushrooms, carrots and others) and coconut meat, encapsulating the mouth-watering taste of tom yam with a distinct coconut flavour.
 Deep Fried Mushroom with Basil Leaf - 香酥苏东 (which most of us could have mistaken for fried squid if we didn't know that it's from a vegetarian restaurant) – fragrant and crispy, it's hard to stop your own chopstick from taking more and more pieces of the fried mushrooms.
Fish Cutlets with Pine Nuts - 松子鱼粒
Nyonya Sauce Vegetarian Fish Roll - 泰式素鱼
Special Sauce Shitake - 甘香香螺
Special stuffed Tau Fo with Bean Sprout - 翡翠豆腐
We were given a choice to choose between the normal white rice and brown rice, so why not try something special since we've been eating white rice everyday?
so, BROWN RICE it is :)
 Spare Ribs with Fresh Orange Sauce & Dragon Fruit Enzyme - 香橙排骨

Next, we have the Western part, which is the Western Food.

Garden Salad, I like the way of presentation, very unique.
Mixed Fruit Yogurt Salad
Seaweed Salad Roll

They have 3 different Bruchetta, which is the Mushroom, Tomato and Pinapple

Coconut Jelly

And lastly, we have our dessert.

Assorted Pizza
Thinly Crusted, love it with their dragon fruit as topping. It taste a bit salty because of the vegetarian cheese, and not too sweet, the portion is just nice

I've tried 2 different Organic Restaurant so far. The first one was LOHAS Lifestyle Cafe and the second one was this. Both have their unique kind of presentation of  food.

For those who are health conscious, you may pay them a visit and have a try. Sometimes it's good to change your appetite by eating organic stuff once in a blue moon rather than eating those nasty oil and fatty foods rite? So why not start eating organic food now? After all, "Eating healthy won't leave a bad taste in your mouth". Oh and just for your information, if you are an organic food lover, you could join as a member which entitles card members to food discounts, point collection and participation in cooking classes, seminars, free vouchers and other promotions during members' days.

Organic Recipe

B3-09-11, Casa Utama, 
Lorong Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
PJU 6A, 47400 
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-77290236, 012-3936276 (Leonard Tan)
Biz hr: 9am -9pm (Tue- Sun), closed on Mon
Free parking (with RM5 deposit)

Other Branches:
Organic Freshmart & Cafe Sdn Bhd @ Subang Jaya
Address: No. 17&19, SS18/1C, 47500 Subang Jaya 
(Same row with Hyundai; Opposite Tai Thong Imperial China Restaurant, Subang Jaya)
Tel: 03-78778621, 012-3923785 (Freddy)
Biz hr: 9am -9pm (Mon- Sun)

Organic Freshmart & Cafe Sdn Bhd @ SS2, PJ
Address: No 143, Grd Flr, Jln SS2/24, 47300 PJ 
(same row with RHB Bank)
Tel: 03-78778621
Biz hr: 9am -9pm (Mon - Fri); 9am - 6pm (Sat); close on Sun

Bon appetit!

p/s: Not only good food, there's also,"Mirrors" introducing their 12 finalist for their Mirrors Ambassador Search 2011/12 during the food testing. They will also be announcing their Grand Finale venue and date which I'll be writing later in the next post, so stay tune :)


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organic food I eaten once before, especially mix up with vegetarian hehe

rice will smell specially good too XD

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haih i missed the desserts.. haha

Nikel Khor said...

The dessert look good! But the pizza look very outstanding using Dragon fruit.. dunno how the taste like..

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that's a lot of food!!!

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wow wow! the food look so amazing there! =)

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my god, I started miss the pizza with dragon fruit. Best special combination with fruits!