Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hiking @ Bukit Tabur

Hello guys, i'm back. So, it was back on the 2nd of February, I know it was so so overdue but anyway, I went hiking at Bukit Tabur with Sheryl and her bunch of friends. It was my very first hiking and I think it was a very good experience for me. Got up early at 5am and drove all the way to Setapak to pick Sheryl up and had Mcd breakfast while waiting for her friends to come. Unfortunately, we can't make it before dawn but it's ok. 
Bukit Tabur is a hill located in Taman MelawatiMalaysia. It is also known locally as Bukit Hangus. The hill is very prominent as it is part of Klang Gates Quartz Ridge and can be seen from the Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road 2. The hill, which is less than 1000 metres, is a quartz ridge. Climbers enter the hiking trail via Kampung Klang Gates, 50 metres from the gates of the Klang Gates Dam, at the back of Taman Melawati for a 3-4 hour climb. The Gombak Forest Reserve and Klang Gates Dam are beside the hill. The peak offers s view of the dam. 
So, we started hiking around 7.30am and it took us an hour to reach the peak. I can still remember that it was a little cloudy that day, not too sunny or hot, just perfect for hiking.

So, the trail starts just after this small concrete wall. In the background you can see the gate to the Puncak Niaga facility
On your right, you can see the reservoir
while on your left, the breathtaking views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline where the ridge splits the natural and the urban world
Spotted an army of ants marching all the way up

Meet Sheryl and Sandy

It was kinda packed that day, we have to wait for the group of people in front of us to  climb up the peak before we can make a move, so at the meanwhile, we could catch some breathtaking views of the nature and the city of Kuala Lumpur.
Meet Iqbal, aka "Yi Ge Bao"

The so called Dinosaur Backbone of Bukit Tabur
The pathway down, it's so so steep
Breathtaking views of Kuala Lumpur sKyline

We've reached the tallest peak No. 10
Some cravings on the rocks left by unknown hikers

Spot anything unusual? haha!
Meet the bunch!
The hike took us about 2 hours and a half and we ended coming down the wrong way, the wrong trail, some sort of a rubber estate. We realized that we were on the other side of the mountain but we were lucky enough to meet a friendly and kind local people there and he was willing to let us hop on to the back of his lorry and gave us a lift back to our initial trail! It was my first time hoping on the back of the lorry and everyone of us was so happy.

It was a very enjoyable hike with some combination of wall climbing as long as you remember to be careful and stay low when you climb some of the rocky parts of the hike. Be sure to step on the correct foot hole or else you'll slip and roll down the mountain. Bring enough water and food and protect yourself against the sun and mosquitoes and also a handy torchlight would be great if you were to hike very early in the morning.

So, how to get to Bukit Tabur?

- Exit MRR2 at Taman Melawati
- next round-about 9 o'clock
- next round-about 12 o'clock
- at T-junction turn right and follow the road along the hill until you get to the Puncak Niaga facilities

Definitely there would be a second hike for me!
p/s: It's way better than hiking Broga hill!


Camy said...

OMG super awesome view :)

Sherrie Pui said...

So adventurous bunch! Trekking is not really what I like but I love your photos! I would go just to take photos XD

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Eunice said...

Love it love it! I love doing adventures activities such as hiking! woo! Thanks for navigating the way too! ^^ you rocks!;

darranlow said...

Great view! The peak numbering reminds me of my hike up Mount Kinabalu. Very adventurous of you guys to climb up without any safety devices too! Thumbs up to that!

Henry Tan said...

WOW! why i never know got such place to hike in KL! the views are breathtaking! =DDD

would love to try the next time i go KL! =D

Jobless Girl said...

Wow, i love to visit there too and thanks for the direction.

Kian Fai Koh said...

wow I cant climb that high

AW Nasip said...

this is a great share..wanna climb it this month

Jack said...

Hi, great tips and pics. Just a we need to go all the way up to get down on the other side back to base?

Jack said...


Great tips and love the pics. Just a we need to hike all the way to the peak to get down from the other side to base?