Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Breakfast @ the City of Penang

Located at the very corner of Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Georgetown, there's this old tea house called 良友茶室 (Good Friend Tea House, *direct translation*) where me and family had a random breakfast during our trip to Penang last year. I search up and down and each and every corner of google, unfortunately I didn't manage to find any info about this tea house as it is kinda old I guess? Based on the look and the construction pattern of the building, I guess It's been here for almost a few decades already and surprisingly they still manage to preserve the building so well.


This historical tea house serves awesome Roasted Duck Rice and it's only RM3.80 but the portion is kinda small. I bet you can't get this kind of price in KL. Besides, there're also some small hawker stalls beside it selling Apom Balik and Chee Cheong Fun too.

Look at the sauce, *saliva dripping*
My fav <3
There are various flavours to choose from, but for me, I'll go with the most common one, which is the Corn + Peanut
yum yum
Ban Chang Kueh

Chee Cheong Fun, I like it with the Sesame seed and the sauce is superb!
They have this Curry Bihun Mee too. It's a must try!! Not too spicy, just nice :)

Sorry that I couldn't provide you the exact address of this tea house, but If you see this big chrome metal gate with "Medan Lebuh Campbell" written on it, the tea house is just the street next to this Lebuh Campbell street. Feel free to give it a try if you happen to pass by.


Hilda Milda™ said...

Fuahhh finally update blog! :P I havent blog about my family trip also lol

Eunice said...

wuuuuahh i wanna try the bah chian kuih!!! So tempting!

Camy said...

nice food yum yum

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haha penang food wor.. ofcoz nice laaa! XD

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