Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fynale Classic Circle

Holla, just ended my Year 3 last Tuesday where I sat for the last examination which is a presentation based and thank god I've pass although the result was not what I've expected. But oh well, no point of being disappointed but only to work harder next time.

Looking on the bright side, the coloured lens which I've ordered a week before had finally arrived on that day too. Thanks to My Lens House ( ), I got to try on their new sub-brand for fynale contact lenses called Fynale Classic. I'm always excited to receive packages and the process of opening it, wondering what's inside. So here it is, as you can see we have two pairs here, but only the pair on the right, with the name Classic Circle written on top of the cover, is mine, whereas the other pair belongs to Hilda.

Safe and nicely packed, so no worries if they will break along the mailing journey
For their Fynale Classic Series, they have Puffy 3T, Rice, Jewel 3T, Circle, Sakuram, Akara, Naomi, Stella, Nudy, Hyper, Florence, Dreamy, Orange and Big Seashell. Unfortunately, I can only choose the Circle Series because this is the only series where the availability of power is up to -1.000, whereas the power for the rest of the series is only up to -5.00.

Nice? Classic Circle Brown, can't wait to try it on
Close up with flash
Under natural daylight (left) and Indoor Lighting (Right)

It's not really visible maybe because my eyes are too small, but I personally like the enlargement effect. So this series is definitely recommended for those who loves to have big eyes with an enlargement of 16mm to 18mm.
Last but not least, a Selca shot

For more information, kindly visit their FB page on You can also visit their blog at: and also their instagram acc @fynalelensmalaysia 

Material: Polyhema

Water Content: 55%
Base Curve: 8.60mm

Not to forget, they are having promotion now which end on the 31st of May. They are selling for RM31/pair and RM40 for 2 pairs. So hurry up before you miss it, only one week plus left.


HerYuan Lau said...

pretty colour eyes haha

sally said...

Your post came just in time! :) Need to restock my lens already.



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Meitzeu said...

Looks pretty on you. Maybe you should try hazel colour. it will make your eye pop out!!

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