Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do I look like a malay?? =(

Erm..although its late for me to write this blog, but its still very fresh in my mind..
well!! I went for the JPA interview last 2 days and i'm glad everything went on smoothly and i'm quite satisfied with my performance...

My interview was arranged at 2pm and i reached there at about 12.30pm...cause its better to reach there early rite? incase anything went wrong, I still have the time to settle it on time...When i reached there, i saw 2 big whiteboard listing all those JPA applicants....there were altogether 15 panels, if not mistaken..and mine was the 5th panel...what a coincidence when i look down the list, i saw kai ye's name was in the same panel with me....after signing the attendance, i sat there n waited for the time to pass..well, every applicants wear formal apparel, long sleeve attached with a tie and shinning black shoes for guys while OL or baju kurung for girls....for me, baju kurung...

Finally its 2pm, me n kaiye walked towards panel 5 while peichin approached panel 11, i think....and what a coincidence again me n kaiye is in the same group, the 3rd group...and again, we have to wait for our turn....before going into the interview room, there's a desk just outside the room where we have to pass our documents for checking...and the funny part begun..when it's my turn, the malay kakak who deal with our documents mistaken that i was a malay...maybe its because of my skin colour tone, plus i'm wearing baju kurung!! that minute was so so super hilarious, everybody there was laughing, it was so so funny...

After waiting for about 2 and a half hours, finally its our turn...the frustrating part is when my group member and me of course is about to go into the room, suddenly the interviewer inside said that they need to have a tea we must have to wait for another half and hour again..

They are back finally, so we prepare ourselves and walk into the,the interview begin.
We are asked to

1st : introduce ourself
2nd : what's the priority to be a personnal or professional in ur profession
3rd : kes jenayah dalam kalangan kanak2 semakin meningkat, bincangkan cara2 untuk mengatasi masalah ini. ( in BM )

so altogether 3 parts..the 3 interviewers was quite friendly..they are also very helpful, they wont purposely ask those like political question..they will help you when you run out of ideas, like they will ask some question....we are in the room about 45 minutes and we are out....FINALLY, we can go back!!!

well, thats all...i've done my best,hope that i'll get the chance=)

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