Saturday, April 18, 2009

Movie Marathon

ellen, kahyee, yimin, chinli n me went for a movie marathon yesterday aT Sunway Piramid. We watched 2 movies, 'Fast & Furious 4' and 'Coming Soon'. On the way to piramid, i dropped by subang jaya's ktm station to puck up yimin n kahyee n off we went......we then booked the tickets n waited for ellen n chinli...the 1st movie is 'Shopaholic' and it started at 11.20am...because chinli is out of time comin to piramid cause she have class till 10.30am, so we bought her lunch...

We then walk to the cinema again and suddenly ellen notice that our ticket wasn't for 'shopaholic' but it was for 'Shinjuku' we quickly go to the counter and change but unfortunately its too late, the movie had this case we changed it to F&F we ended up watching that..hahah!!! well, F&F 4 was indeed so so so super nice to watch,it was so great,the sport car was so damn chio man..dream to own one,hhahah!!! and their driving skill damn CHUN!!!...after that we watch 'Coming Soon'....yimin was sitting next to me and she kept on using the junk food to block her view, the end i felt it was very funny although it is a horror ( ghost) movie...mayb i watch too much of this kind of movie, so i thought it was very normal as all these movie used to be like that....all the action is so common like their ugly face pop out suddenly, crawl on the floor with their long long hair covering their face, or juz pop out from nowhere....

Fast & Furious 4


After that, we went for 'DA gaye'...hahha!!!! then home we WENT!!!

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