Monday, June 22, 2009

yesterday we had a S4 piggies gathering at AEON..but turned out just a few of us only,doesn't matter the number is small, as long we get to gather and chat around. I reached there at about 12pm, met up with ellen at popular, then called ying shin where they were..." we're at the Fish Market ( Manhattan )". hung up and off we went...saw engyew and shyen with their cute botak head,haha ( was wondering why shyen's was shorter than engyew's, isn't them both from the same batch time?? ) then saw ahpoh, sexy, chia, yingshin, 6 of them having lunch or perhaps
breakfast + lunch, haha!! then chat chat chat, later kahyee called me...then after that the guys when shopping for formal, then comes yimin...yimin havent had her lunch, so teman her for the same time the guys go shopping again..later we went for KTV, then comes zhongjie, guan, clem and off engyew, duno why????
then we sing sing sing, had fun with it...6 smth i went home, celebrate father's day, but the guys are still there, bye bye to them!!

drove home, suddenly my hse electric trip off, what the???? on father's day??? mayb because my father was drilling something at that time, acidentally triggle the main fuse, went downstair to on it back but fail, so my father checked it up and down oso cant, probably the main switch wire burned,called the electrician but nobody willing to come and fixed it cuz its Sunday after all, everybody no choice, went out to eat celebrate father's day...then went back to my dark and super super hot hse...light up a candle in the bathroom as i was goin for a bath, nearly 10% visiblity, so have to use my sensory organ( my hand) + my eye to identify everything, haha!!! after bathing, i'm still sweating, can u imagine the difficulty and uncomfortableness with no wind and light during the night??? luckily there's one colleague of my mom who knows a liitle about all these electrical things came and helped us sort things out but failed choice but to wait untill the next morning with no fan and here comes our bloody friends, "MOSQUITOES" and with the thanks of my father's snoring,( we decided the whole family to sleep together at the living room cuz that's the coolest place) that's it, cant sleep for the whole night, feeding the mosquitoes,staring at the ceiling....WHAT a DAY!!!! ( pity my father, so suey!!! happened on father's day...)

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