Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm Back!!

wow! its been a long time since i've not updated my blog..
here goes...

currently busy with assignments, presentation n reports..
my lecturers are great, but some erghmmm....hahax!!!

erm.. having problem with maths n physics...
totally blur with the teaching of my lecturer...
sometimes he teach way to fast...question marks circulating my head..
bt i guess its all on my own now..huhu=(
stress!! stress!!
always tell us..
i mean, HELOOO?? how on earth will everything to be fine
when u duno anything during the whole lecturing???

bio, throw all the tutorial 2 us and have to hand in on time..
nothing much to comment.,..

the most DISSAPOINTED thing is..
there's not even one hotty or cute guys in my class...
except for the blacks..haha!!
my college life is so meaningless...
bt there's many in HELP uni..
cz i got to park my cark in HELP uni carpark..
so sometimes i got to see...
sounds like so desperate huh??

well, here's some pic to get u guys updated on my college life..

me playing with my phone..hhehe!!

the one and only chinese guy in my class..too bad, he's not cute=(

our male SRC, fazrul & treasurer, Vino

my female SRC ,wilma. wow! her singing was tremendous!!

sie yee, me, yuki, elin..
yuki is no longer with us anymore, she drop the course and went back to ipoh cz she got the scholarship in PHARMACY..miss her!!

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