Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finally. tomorrow is the day
ya, its Sunday, having oreintation day
means i have to start study again
kind of reluctant, cz study means its the end of holiday
well, felt excited but nervous...
cz goin to a totally new environment where my relationship( friends )
is totally zero!! haha
nvm, can know new friends.. its a good thing.
have to change my life style again. no more
-late sleeping
-late waking up
-watch movie

have to start restart my engine again...
i wonder how's my brain gonna work since long period of rest??
i hope it wont be too rusty..haha
have to put some oil=)
ying shin is goin there oso, but not the same course..too bad!!!
ohya, forgot to mention,
i'm goin for mahsa university college..hehe!!

well, hope that i will enjoy everything..
cant wait to meet my new classmates..
will update about everything happening in college with
u guys tomorrow..

to be continue.......

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