Sunday, September 6, 2009

memorable gathering

wow!!! cant believe that i still can gather with u guys after
5 n a half years...reali miss u guys so much...
although not everyone are able to attend, bt at least v can meet
each other after so long of 'seperation'..haahah!!!
well, it all started when winshi posted our primary graduate pic
in facebook n.....
wuala!!! 300++ comments..duno got break FB record anot???
hahaa..amazing huh??? lol..
we planned to had a gathering at station 1 tonite...
and everyone had changed alot...
all become pretty and handsome d...
so v had crap unfortunately i hav to go back early d...reali sry guys!!
i bet we will gather again soon, by then we will crap again.

v crap bout lots of our primary stuff..
like erm...our nicknames, all sorts of funny funny nickname...
chat bout our primary teachers,
primary miss it...
i wish time can travel back to those days..
i was shocked when i saw darren, he became so good looking d..
too bad i din manage to take a photo with him..too bad..
way the go, winshi!!!! u got all of us gather 2nite..
reali thank you for ur posting in FB...

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