Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nothing to do

last wednesday... went 1 utama with college fwens...
do wat leh???
jalan-jalan saja lo...
so fetch them in my car..
the wheather was stormy...gonna rain soon..
so, we went to F.O.S....belinda tried out some clothes..
then later elin bought herself a upper piece swim suit..
later v went to forever 21...tried out some prom garment for fun..
i tried the 1st piece, bt it cant fit my boobs aren't big enough..
so the whole piece is like very loose on the upper's so embarrased!!!
i think i need a push-up bra though..llol!!
NOT FAIR!! elin hav bigger boobs than the rest of envy her la!!
than later we went to ZARA...& v tried it out again!!
finally, there's a piece suits me..too bad i din manage to take a pic of it.=(
i manage to take one bt its another piece!! i think it suits me well also..
i think the sales girl like a bit bu shuang v return all the garments after trying
and without buying any of it....felt little paiseh la!! haha!!
haiz!!! what to do??? CUSTOMERS priority!!

its 6.45pm already..gotta rush back for work!!!
wtf!! so hell jam together with the stormy wheather when i came out from the parking..
jam all the way till the end of LDP!!
belinda, qian, hilda, yupei n elin sent me off and they continue with thier shopping.
luckily i'm on time for my work...if not my baby students will be

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