Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wedding Ceremony + dinner

tower of teapots

me & mum

the lovely 'just married' couple

sis n bro

curi- cure take de....
cant stand to grab my camera, he's so CUTE!!

attended a wedding ceremony +dinner yesterday
its one my my mother's collegue wedding
1st time witnesses a wedding in a church live,( nono act its the 2nd, the 1st was when i was
6 years old..not really know what it is when i was that age..haha!!)
normally saw it in movies only, all they said was 'i do" & u may kiss the bride" lol
it all begun with the flower boy & girl leading the lovely bride & bride's father into the church
OM GOSH!!! the flower boy is so CUTE!!! felt like wanna cubit his chubby cheek!!
then the blessing from the father's ( i found out a funny thing-everytime the father speak, he will end up his sentence with a "ah" felt like laughing out loud...he will also sometimes mix with some cantonese...hahaha!!!!
then later followed by the couple saying "i do"
exchange of ring..
last but not least-u may kiss the bride
At nite, had dinner at PALACE RESTAURANT,PJ
the place was really high class...the lightings and the decorations was amazing..
too bad there were no good looking guys there, most of them were middle age n tertiary age
the food was delicious
we had shark fin & pig
the dinner end at 11pm
after wishing the new lovely couple congrats
home we went!!!

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