Friday, October 16, 2009

my 18th birthday

hip hip hooray!!!! finally i'm 18
i'm legal for everthing d...hahax!!!
had a wonderful 18th birthday too bad i hav to work 2day=(
juz wana say thanks to everyone who wishes me,
reali appreciate it!!!^^
especially thanks to my collegemate
hilda, sieyee, belinda, elin, blossom n of course suzen ( although she was rushing back to PENANG)
THANKS for the celebration...
had fun this afternoon.=)


ohya, thanks to my family too..hahax
for buying me my favourite cheese cake!!


suzen said...

lolz...although im going bek Penang,but my heart is beside U de mah...u duno meh...?lOlz....xD....

~J'@nn~ said...

yaya...i know of course..haha!!