Thursday, December 17, 2009


felt so helpless today, i was teaching a student, out of a sudden a little 4year old girl cried..and i was like why are you crying???? she said she misses her mom. at that moment i felt so helpless that i dont know how to comfort her in order to stop her from crying. i guess i'm not good in comforting little toddlers, and i guess i wont be a good mother next time=( later, another teacher heard the crying and came in with a sweet for her, you know children always like sweets, but still the little girl kept crying, seems like the sweet is not working i guess..she cried for a long time, i felt so sad too, i used to cry like that when i was small, i'm a crying baby>< so what to do next?? i bluff her that i'll call ur mum to come now and bring you back and she stop crying at the moment i said i kept talking nonsence to her to keep her distracted, so that she wont think about her mum so much..and finally it works until the end of the class..

heard lots of ghost story today at college, kind of scary though..but i'm so desperate to know..lolxi guess that's all for today, nothing much to write, so CHOAZZZ!!!

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