Tuesday, December 22, 2009


i can still remember last friday, one of my student, he's name is Daniel..he asked me a very funny and innocent question

Me : did you little ones went for holiday during this school holiday ???
Daniel : yea, we did, we went to australia..
me : that's a very nice place..are you guys scared when you guys are up in the sky??
daniel : yea, kind of..teacher, why dont they build a bridge between aus and malaysia just like singapore and malaysia????
ME : hahahhahax, u guys are so silly, no they cant, my love ones..its too far away, my dear...
daniel : why not??? it's very easy to build a brigde...
me : errrr, it's not that simple as you think...hahax!!
daniel: owh really??? nvm, next time i will build one so that next time ppl dont need to sit plane..its so scary!!!
conversation end...lolx

they are so cute!!!! seriously..

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