Friday, December 25, 2009

A thousand APOLOGIES

I lied again that yesterday x'mas eve i went to The Curve for countdown, instead i should be at my friends house carolling..the lost of my camera worsen the situation and i got scolded this morning both my dad and mum, this is the first time my dad yell at me so loud..and i was sitting outside my porch...soon tears flow in my sleepy eyes, just cant help mom called elin to ask what actually happened yesterday and yea, i'm busted!!! things got worsen... My cousins came today and it was so hard for me to entertain them, i just cant smile during that mood level is totally zero...

later afternoon, went to visit my another cousin's condo in wangsa maju, then later around 3pm off to time square and sungai wang...SHOPPING!!!! at first i'm not in the mood of shopping but later yea, bought laod of stuff...FUN!!!! and yea my mood level is going up..AGAIN!!! shopping in sungai wang is just so cheappp...all the stuff i bought just cost around 25 bucks..

but still i'm really really sorry daddy mummy...
URGH!! this is the worse christmas i ever celebrate..

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