Thursday, December 31, 2009

what a "LUCKY" number

look at the number of tweets, didnt realise it though, it's very very "lucky" indeed for the last day of year2009..lolx!!! sigh!!! told ya, it wasn't the year for me..=(....nvm 2010 is coming, so my resolution for 2010 is kind of like that:

1. gonna kick my ass up and concentrate on studies
2. no more often outings anymore (before my big exam which is on june)
3. no lying (except for good lies)
4.earn more money and go shop whatever i want
5. BEACH!!!! for the summer
6. increase my salary and bonus hopefully
7. a new phone perhaps
9. get good grades in my foundation in science (above 3pts at least)
10. have a unforgettable last teen birthday
11. visit my teacher in london (if possible $$$)
12. craving for a sheep (soft toy)

i think that's all i can think of for now, i'll update again if i remember anymore i want..there's 22 more hours to think about..lolx


Hilda Milda said...

444 where got lucky? it's die die die :O

~J'@nn~ said...

oops, forgotten the kai guan ying hao..lolx